Friday, April 30, 2010

Pin Stripe Gift Card Box Holder

The Pin Stripe Box Holder is just one of many other types of gift card boxes we offer. There unique style brings attention to your plastic gift cards. Check out our other different gift card box holders by viewing our customplasticpritners website.

Looking for more samples? Take some time and check out these websites to view more plastic gift car d accessories. For any further questions you may have please give us a call at 1.800.808.7472

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Decorative and unique gift card holders are a create way to grab attention to your plastic gift cards. We have a variety of themes and styles that you will never have a problem finding a box for your gift cards. To learn more check out our custom plasticprinters website.

To learn more about plastic gift card boxes or other accessories check out these websites.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Plastic Movie Cinema Card

Plastic gift cards are so widely used in the market becuase they improve your customer visibility, expand a customer base, and increase your sales. We specialize in printing cards with thermal printing, foil stamping, emobssing, magnetic stripe or barcode encoding. To view more samples of plastic movie gift cards view or movie theater website or call 1.800.808.7472.

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We will provide you with gift cards that will incorporate your company’s name, develop customer loyalty and remind your customers of you every time they look at their gift card. By investing in a magnetic stripe or barcode you be able to track the value of your customers' sales with your own POS system. Learn more about plastic gift cards by viewing our website.

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